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Our Mission:

Democratize private equity investing

At SageStreet, we know individual investors don’t have the same opportunities to grow their wealth that large institutions have.

We believe everyone deserves access to best-in-class, diversified, alternative investments, which is why we’ve created an online platform so investors can diversify their portfolios, generate passive income, and grow their wealth.

Investment Thesis

We know the market dictates which industry classes and assets will most benefit us and our operating partners. So we actively follow the trends and do the research in order to source the deals that best match our key investment criteria. This creates value opportunities for everyone.

Generate a yield to limited partners (LPs) by investing in risk-adjusted, asset-backed investments with near-term cash flow and long-term value accretion.


Passion, trust, integrity, discipline, innovation, and adaptability are what we value most and are at the heart of everything we do at SageStreet.


Collective private equity and alternative investing experience
Sage Equity Partners, LP is a Houston, Texas-based private equity investment group. After years of providing our clients with exclusive access to income-producing, asset-backed alternative investments, we decided it was time to open up these direct investment opportunities to individuals like you.

We launched SageStreet, an online alternative investment platform, because we believe you deserve a simple, no-hassle way to invest in private equity and real estate—without brokers, hoops, and mountains of paperwork.


Equity Deployed
Along with our partners, we have invested more than $100 million in equity in the past five years. Previously, our partners had deployed several hundred million in additional equity.


Assets Under Management
We currently have properties in 9 states, across 23 partnerships, and 7 industry classes.

50+ years

Real Estate Investing
Our managers have over 50 years of combined experience investing in commercial real estate and private equity investments.


Asset Value Acquired Since 2010
We have invested in over $1.6b of total asset value among all of our 24 partnerships.


Active Partnerships
We have over 24 active investment partnerships to date and are growing at 10+ new opportunities per year.

Company Articles

Asset Type Breakdown

Asset Type Breakdown

Commercial real estate, or CRE, is one of the largest asset classes in the United States. Commercial real estate covers a multitude of different categories. Most businesses will need physical space to operate and generate income which creates a variety of investment...

Basics of Alternative Assets

Basics of Alternative Assets

Basics of Alternative Assets What is an “Alternative Investment”An alternative investment is a financial asset that does not fall into the conventional investment category that consists of stocks, bonds, and cash, but rather into a variety of assets including...

Shopping Center Management and The Tenant Mix

Shopping Center Management and The Tenant Mix

When you are involved with a shopping center from a leasing or management perspective, the tenant mix is something that you will spend a lot of time on.  Given that most leases exist for several years the changes to tenant and lease location take time to...

An Empty Nest Could Mean a Fuller Wallet

An Empty Nest Could Mean a Fuller Wallet

When your children grow up and decide to move out of the family home, you may find you have some extra money and resources to invest. Your child may have just graduated high school or college and are ready to move out and join the world on their own. With luck, they...

Everything You Need To Know About Alternative Investments

Everything You Need To Know About Alternative Investments

You probably think of the stock market whenever you hear "investment." Stock investments have some advantages, but there are limits to the techniques and rewards that may be gained from them. Examine other investment options if you're equipped to take part in them....

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