Our Mission

Provide our investors equal access to the best private equity investments.

Investment Philosophy

We know the market dictates which industry and asset classes will most benefit our investor community. We actively analyze trends and conduct research to source opportunities that best match our investment criteria. This creates value and returns for our investors.

Our Objective

Generate yields through high-quality investments offering near-term cash flow and long-term value accretion.

Our Values


$1.8b+ Total Asset Value *

19.5% IRR Realized Investments *

1.8x MOIC
Realized Investments *

Our Story

Building A Community

Before there was SageStreet, there was Sage Equity Partners, a private equity investment group built by a team of dedicated, like-minded professionals.

Its mission — invest in commercial real estate to deliver the highest possible returns, cash flow and value to investors.

Smart Strategy Pays Off

Rigorous deal research, strategic focus on market trends and unwavering ethics allowed Sage Equity Partners to successfully grow investments and investor returns.

After years of providing private investors with access to exclusive commercial real estate investments, it was time to grow the community.

Technology For Growth

Enter SageStreet, a platform for accredited investors to access smart, asset-backed alternative investments with strong near-term cash flow.

Simple. Streamlined. Secure.


Diligent research, market experience and personal integrity have shaped the SageStreet investment philosophy.

Experience Matters

Our leadership team has more than fifty years of experience in the private equity and real estate investment space.

Experience Matters

See what it means to work with a team that values your future.

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I get to see great deals and own a piece of institutional-quality assets. I never imagined that would be possible.**

Jay K. Investor

SageStreet’s investment strategy is clear and I felt confident their diligence process could steer me in the right direction to choose the best investment for my future.**

Bill M. Investor

I was attracted to the idea that I could make my own decisions around the best risk and return profile for each investment and what best fit my objectives.**

Brian M. Investor