We target real assets that result in real returns for our investors.

Target Returns

All targets are net of fees required to initiate your investment

7-14 %

5-Year Average Cash on Cash

Why invest in private equity and commercial real estate?

Diversifying with private equity and real estate helps to protect you from volatility and risk, because its performance typically isn’t tied to that of the stock market.

Aim for real cash, not just returns on paper

You’ll target returns both from quarterly distributions and the sale of the asset.

Passive, hassle-free income

Sit back and relax without the active management and stress associated with owning private equity and real estate directly. 

Hedge against inflation

While inflation can negatively affect your stock portfolio, it can increase the value of your private equity and real estate investments, because you won’t be subject to daily price fluctuations.

Institutional access 

Institutional investors have had access to commercial private equity and real estate assets for years. There has never been room for the individual investor—until now. 

SageStreet offers you the access and ability to invest like the experts, giving you the power to invest in what fits your risk and return profile.

Our Key Investment Criteria

At SageStreet, we focus on the following four key investment criteria when underwriting every deal:

Asset-backed investments

We focus on investments for which the cashflow stream is backed by a hard asset that always has intrinsic value. This mitigates risk by accelerating a portion of the return to the investor during the time we hold the asset.



Near-term cash flow

We focus on yield-producing assets that pay out periodic distributions throughout the investment lifecycle. Our goal is to achieve a blend of near-term cash yield as well as a strong IRR upon sale or refinance.

Proven management teams

We have a long investment history. Our management teams are successful, knowledgeable, specialized in their respective areas of expertise, and have a proven track record of strong results.



Clear exit strategy

We focus on assets that have a readily available secondary market. We have the flexibility to wait for the right time to exit each investment, which provides the most benefit to our partners.

Target Acquisition Structure

We enable our investors to create
a diversified portfolio of yield-producing assets.



We typically partner on asset value ranges that are too big for most individuals and too small for institutions.



This is the typical conservative target leverage ratio at which our operating partners will acquire an asset or portfolio of assets.



Total equity available is based on the purchase price and leverage ratio.

Dilligence process

SageStreet evaluates more than 400 deals a year from various sponsors. We execute a rigorous underwriting process on each investment, which includes extensive review of both the operating partners and asset(s) in order to determine the best deals for our partners.


SageStreet sees a year

SageStreet underwrites a year

SageStreet nears to close

SageStreet closes each year

Diversify and grow your

portfolio in 3 ways.

SageStreet provides access to unique opportunities and allows investors to diversify their portfolios across geography, industry, and management teams.



We are hyper-focused on investing in front of the path of growth and follow macroeconomic and population trends in major cities across the United States.

We seek out high-yield opportunities in major job markets that have continuous population growth over long periods of time.

Industry Diversification

Different asset classes perform differently across markets and economic cycles, with different target returns, investment characteristics, and risk profiles. At SageStreet, we follow the trends and do the research so you don’t have to.

We source the assets—whether existing or development —that have the most demand and most attractive pricing to justify the best returns to our partners.

Management Diversification

Led by experienced principals, our best-in-class management teams are focused on their respective niches and have a proven track record of success.

Our long-term relationships with experienced and successful operators allows us access to investments that otherwise would be out of reach to individual investors.


I get to see great deals and own a piece of institutional-quality assets. I never imagined that would be possible.


Jay K.**



Sage Street’s investment strategy is clear and I felt confident their diligence process could steer me in the right direction to choose the best investment for my future.

Bill M.**



I was attracted to the idea that I could make my own decisions around the best risk and return profile for each investment and what best fit my objectives.

Brian M.**


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Investing in Alternative Investments?

Alternative assets provide an opportunity to diversify your portfolio and risk and return profiles by accessing a larger pool of investments. Additionally, with a low correlation to the stock market performance, alternative assets can potentially provide a hedge against inflation with the goal of reducing overall risk.

How do I set up my account?

Click on the “Log In” button on the Sage Street header or “Start Investing” on a specific opportunity and follow the prompts to set up your account. You can also visit Invest.SageStreet.com to request an account.

How much can I invest?

This varies by investment and is determined at the discretion of the General Partner. Please create an investment account and verify accreditation for more details regarding a specific investment.

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